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CS75 series sales broke another 20,000 Changan won a good start in January


Good news! In January 2020, the overall sales of Changan Automobile reached 134,578 units. According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the sales volume of China's automobile market in January fell by 18% year-on-year due to multiple factors such as the "Novel coronavirus pneumonia" and the new year's Spring Festival holiday.  Its sales fell by 18% year-on-year. However, in January, Changan Automobile still achieved a strong performance of 1.8% year-on-year growth of its own brand passenger vehicles, and the monthly sales volume of several models exceeded 10,000 yuan, winning the "first success" of China's automobile market in 2020.


In the second half of 2019, after a series of strategic adjustments, Changan Automobile entered the harvest period, among which, Changan’s Chinese brand passenger vehicles grew month on month for five consecutive months. In 2020, the growth momentum of Changan’s  Chinese brand passenger vehicles will not decrease. In particular, in the specific market segments, a number of major models of Changan Automobile continue to have a strong sales performance.


In January, Changan CS35, CS55, and CS75 still maintained average monthly sales of over 10,000 units, including 10,253 units of CS35 and 10,952 units of CS55 per month. Even more, the CS75 series of Changan has a strong performance of single month sales of 25,773 units, with a year-on-year growth of 56%, ranking second in the monthly sales of SUV for four consecutive months.

In terms of new models, the CS75 PLUS launched in September last years still has full potential, and sold 17,874 units in January. Changan CS55 PLUS, another "plus" model, has sold 10615 units.


At the same time of deeply cultivating the market and facing the impact of the epidemic, Changan Automobile resolutely fulfilled its corporate social citizenship responsibility. In the first time after the outbreak, it donated 10 million RMB to fight the epidemic, and also engaged in the front-line work in the form of production of special materials for epidemic prevention and psychological assistance.


In addition, Changan will bring "healthy cars" to users in 2020. On March 10th, "PM0.1" composite antibacterial and anti-virus high-efficiency filters will usher in mass production. This configuration will be configured with plasma generators, custom fresh air systems, etc., to achieve ultra-strong filtering, sterilization, and ventilation functions, so that the entire vehicle achieves protection better than "N95 mask" level. This also means that the car's occupant protection standards will be upgraded from "safety" to "safety + health".



In March of 2020, Changan EADO PLUS will officially enter the market, which means that the "PLUS" family will add another member. At the same time, in 2020, the new series product UNI-T will also make its debut, which indicates that Changan will take a historic step in the journey of high-end Chinese brand products.



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