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China adds another efficient instrument for epidemic prevention, Changan Automobile launched "disruptive technology" for epidemic prevention


With the COVID-19 situation becomes gradually under control, China's major enterprises had restarted operations. How to reduce the frequency of interpersonal contact in the process of resuming work without affecting the resumption of production has become a problem. Recently, the resumption of the intelligent factory of Changan Automobile attracted the attention of CCTV, Xinhua net news agency and other well-known medias.


As a great reputed automobile enterprise in China, Changan Automobile officially resumed working on February 14. However, unlike before, in Chongqing's Yubei plant, there are only a few workers in the busy operating production workshop, and most of the automobile production and manufacturing links are completed by more than 700 robots.


Originally a "smart factory" for increasing productivity and intelligence, it came in handy during the COVID-19 period, which not only improved production efficiency but also reduced the chance of personal contact.

Changan’s Yubei factory has an automation rate of more than 90%, and more than 700 robots work in an orderly manner. This "smart factory" has greatly improved the production efficiency compared with traditional automobile manufacturing factories, which is unmatched by other auto companies in the country.


Changan’s "smart factory" has the advantages of resuming production, and it is also inevitable to receive praise. However, this is just part of Changan's scientific and technological strength for epidemic prevention. Changan will soon respond to the epidemic.

If you see such a sharp-looking car on major social media, driving around China's transportation hubs and medical services facilities, don't be surprised, it is a thermal imaging and anti-epidemic vehicle pioneered by Changan, it is using its own disruptive technology to participate in the fight against the COVID-19 In China.


This thermal imaging anti-epidemic vehicle is modified by the body of Changan CS75PLUS and equipped with a military-grade AI intelligent thermal imaging temperature measurement system, which can achieve long-distance body temperature detection, with an effective temperature measurement range of up to 10 meters and a maximum measurement error of ± 0.2 ℃, It is not affected by the ambient temperature. For those with abnormal body temperature, it can also realize “second” identification and zero error, and truly achieve “non-contact” body temperature measurement, avoiding cross infection while ensuring the accuracy and stability of human body temperature measurement.


This multi-target simultaneous detection technology can select multiple targets at the same time for Thermal Imaging body temperature detection. As long as the subject passes the temperature measurement range at the normal traveling speed, the temperature measurement can be completed without staying. Even if there is a dense flow of people, there will be no missed inspections and large numbers of people staying. Its mobile temperature measurement method realizes flexible movement detection.


The appearance of Thermal Imaging anti-epidemic vehicle will greatly reduce the risk of epidemic prevention such as "contact" and "missing inspection" in communities and densely populated places.


Changan is a step ahead of others and is ready early. In the whole industry chain of R & D, production and sales, it is highly efficient to link and reserve a large number of ‘disruptive technologies’ of automobiles for emergency needs. It not only meets the needs of future automobile industry upgrading and innovation ability, but also practices social responsibility and serves the society.



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