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25 November 2019

Changan mass production vehicles of Blue Core Edition demonstrate China’s extreme speed at the F1 Silverstone circuit

As the origin of the modern British racing industry, Silverstone is the "holy land" in the hearts of fans. As early as 1950, this ancient racetrack became the venue of the F1 world championship. It is the first racing venue in the history of the world Formula One Championship. It has also witnessed the origin and prosperity of the British racing culture.

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On November 15th, this circuit witnessed the historic moment of the China’s auto industry that Chinese mass-production vehicles entered Silverstone circuit for the first time. Changan EADO and CS35PLUS are both equipped with Blue Core NE1.4T high-pressure direct-injection Engine , conducted in-depth and professional testing at Silverstone circuit, and competed with BMW 118I and Mercedes Benz a180 to demonstrate the performance of "the strongest 1.4T on earth" once again!

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Professional circuit has higher requirements for the performance, control, quality and safety of automobile engine. The performance of the Blue Core NE1.4T engine on the Silverstone circuit also lived up to expectations.

The results of the BMW 118i, the Mercedes-Benz A180 and the EADO Blue Core edition in acceleration Test 0-100 mph at Silverstone circuit:

Mercedes-Benz A180: 9.50s

BMW 118i: 9.12s

EADO Blue Core edition: 8.93s

Exquisite technology creates excellent results. Blue Core NE1.4T high-pressure direct-injection engine adopts the advanced technologies, such as the Chinese brand's first "low-pressure casting double-export IEM+IHI new electronic actuator exhaust turbocharger", and the world's first mass production application--Smart Phaser intelligent cam phase modulation system which can reduce exhaust interference effectively ,reach the peak torque at 1500 RPM, and power instantly.

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Stronger explosive force and more powerful output bring a more pleasant driving experience to the drivers of EADO Blue Core Edition. In the subsequent handling test, facing the S- curve to test the vehicle's ability to avoid obstacles in an emergency, the strong power output of Blue Core Ne1.4t high-pressure direct injection engine and the smooth operation brought by 7-speed efficient wet DCT transmission make the escape Blue Core and cs35plus Blue Core edition have more outstanding driving stability. During the event, the racing drivers who drive EADO Blue Core and CS35PLUS Blue Core change gears and accelerate smoothly. The perfect combination of strength and smoothness allows the two models to pass all the corners easily.

At the Sliver stone circuit, the exceptional performance of Blue Core NE1.4T high-pressure direct-injection engine not only refreshes people’s impression of the Blue Core, but also demonstrates the strength of Chinese brand in the field of automotive core technology

On June 4th, 2019, Changan launched the latest power brand “Blue Core”. In this “uncompromising solutions for efficient automobile power”, Changan pioneered the first modular engine development platform of Chinese automobile brands—“Blue Core NE Power Platform”, which fills the gap in platform development of China’s auto industry.

As the first production of Blue Core NE Power Platform, Blue Core NE1.4T high-pressure direct-injection engine adopts a number of cutting-edge core technologies, which is initiative in the world and industry-leading. With the maximum power of 116Kw and the maximum torque of 260N·m, its 1400-4000 RPM power input range has the strongest performance at the same level. Blue Core NE1.4T high-pressure direct-injection engine has gained the reputation of “Invincible 1.4T of the World “as soon as it came into the market.


Before entering the Sliver stone circuit, Changan has launched the latest production Blue Core NE1.5T engine on November 13th. This engine has a maximum power of 132Kw and a maximum torque of 300N·m which is also the strongest power output at the same class. The brand new Blue Core is promoting China’s auto industry to a much wider world.